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Fund data as of 03/31/2019 unless otherwise specified.
Inception Date:12/29/2006
Fund Fact Sheet:Download
Investment Objective:The Fund seeks the highest total return over time consistent with the asset mix. Total return includes capital appreciation and income.
Investment Strategy:The Fund pursues its objective by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of GuideStone Funds Select Funds that represent various asset classes. The Fund is managed to the specific retirement year included its name and assumes a retirement age of 65. Over time, the allocation to asset classes will change according to a predetermined "glide path" that adjusts the percentage of fixed income securities and the percentage of equity securities to become more conservative each year until approximately 15 years after the target date.
Investment Suitability:

This Fund may be suitable for investors who want a simplified “one fund” retirement solution, are willing to pay slightly higher fees to get a diversified mix of investments that becomes more conservative over time, and plan to retire at an age that is near the year 2015. 

The Funds’ value will fluctuate due to changes in interest rates. There is a risk that the issuer of a fixed-income investment may fail to pay interest or even principal due in a timely manner or at all. The Funds’ value will fluctuate due to business developments concerning a particular issuer, industry or country, as well as general market and economic conditions. Foreign and emerging market securities may involve additional risks, including social and political instability, reduced market liquidity, currency volatility, less available public information about the issuers of securities, less stringent regulatory standards and a lack of uniform accounting, auditing and financial standards. This description of risks is provided as a summary of the principal investment risks associated with the mutual fund. Refer to the Fund's prospectus for more detailed risk information.

The Fund attempts to achieve its objective by investing in the GuideStone Funds Select Funds. By investing in the Fund you will also incur the expenses and risks of the underlying Select Funds. The principal risks of the Fund will change depending on the asset mix of the Select Funds in which it invests. You may directly invest in the Select Funds. The Fund's value will go up and down in response to changes in the share prices of the investments that it owns. It is possible to lose money by investing in the Fund.

Fund Size ($ in millions)

Total fund net assets for all share classes639
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You should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the GuideStone Funds before investing. A prospectus with this and other information about the Funds may be obtained by calling 1-888-GS-FUNDS (1-888-473-8637) or downloading one. It should be read carefully before investing.
GuideStone Funds shares are distributed by Foreside Funds Distributors LLC, not an advisor affiliate. GuideStone Capital Management, LLC, an affiliate of GuideStone Financial Resources, provides investment advisory services for the funds.
Portfolio composition subject to change at any time.